Games and Activities

Games and Activities

Our games and Activites sessions are highly prefered by all schools and nurseries for their in school classes. It is a great way to have children of age 2 years plus enjoy sports from a young age.

Key Features:

  • ➤ 2 years plus
  • ➤ 1-Hour session.
  • ➤ Weekday and weekend batches available.
  • ➤ Classes are conducted for both boys and girls.
  • ➤ Best coaches with lots of experience and dedication.
  • ➤ We maintain small groups of children and provide individual attention.

Learning to Learn

Classes are designed where beginners can easily grasp the sport, understand the rules and take active part. Group strengths are kept to under 16 kids providing lot of personal attention. Every session is great fun and kids wish to take active part and grow.