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  • We are a team of highly motivated Football, Basket ball and Skating enthusiasts with a mission to encourage the children.
  • We have 50+ centres across Mumbai and Bangalore training around 600+ kids every month, for the last 10+ years.
  • Our major focus lies to teach football to children from the age group of 2.5+
  • We maintain small groups of children (12 to 16) and provide individual attention.
  • Our coaches are highly trained to teach football, basketball and skating to various age groups.
  • We strive to provide Quality, individual attention and make sure the child enjoys the sport.
  • Best coaches with lots of experience and dedication.
  • A great connect with children.
  • Classes are conducted for both boys and girls.
  • Building a team spirit among children.
  • Overall physical development from a young age.
  • Develop higher confidence among other children.

Our Classes


Class Duration - 1hour


Class Duration - 1hour


Class Duration - 1hour