Age 2 years+ for football, and age 4 years+ for all our other activities.

YES! 46% children enrolled at YGS are girls!

No age at YGS is too small, contact us for a trial class, and you will be shocked to see what your child can achieve!

Yes! Just like we send children to an academic school, YGS is a sports school. We target overall physical, mental and emotional growth of the child, ensuring he/she mingles with children from their age group. 90% of a child’s mental development happens from 1 month to 36 months of age, so enable your child to grow into a well – rounded human bring.

A parent can see an increase in physical, mental and emotional fitness and abilities. Increase in their immunity, better physical growth in their muscles and bones. Traits like team spirit, confidence, and opening up to others their age are all added benefits of outdoor sports.

No! No age is too old to start a sport!We coach children from Age 2 years to Under 18, but all ages should not hesitate to start a new sport.

Usually children at YGS play the sport for 3-4 years. Some have learned for longer and have joined professional teams, some also going on to join their respective school/college teams.

YGS was founded in 2008, Yes we have been coaching children this age ever since, and haven’t looked back!

Yes our coaches are all sports players, trained for over 6 months for each age group, and then are placed at the various branches that YGS has.

Yes we do, for more details contact us. We also do private classes if required.

We offer GPay, Paytm, UPI, bank transfer and cash payment options, Get in touch with your branch/city coordinator for more details.

At YGS we do not offer any discounts at any of our branches. Our rates are fixed and standard across all the branches.

We do not offer monthly payments at any of our branches; the payments are for 24 consecutive sessions within one quarter (3 months). For more details please get in touch with us.

We do not offer a refund to any child, once enrolled. Please attend the free trial class provided to every child if you have any doubts before enrolling.

Children can attend all the classes or few as per their wish; the slot is reserved for the child until the next payment is due.

You can update the same to the coordinator and the other closest branch in your city, will be provided. Please note there may be a small convenience fee that may be charged for the same if applicable.

Our jersey and shorts are mandatory to all the children enrolled in the football coaching, this helps children build equality and team spirit amongst them, while also providing a symbol of their unity.

a) For Football: 1 size 3/5 Football, shin guard and stocking and closed comfortable shoes, with 1 water bottle for each child enrolled.
b) For skating: quad/inline skates, skating safety kit, and 1 water bottle for each child enrolled.
c) Basketball: 1 basketball, closed comfortable shoes, and 1 water bottle for each child enrolled.

Yes, the child gets used to the colour, design, and most importantly the weight of the ball. For Children age 7 years and younger, opt for a size 3 football with a unique colour and design to avoid children from getting confused. Contact the branch for some great options.

Yes, for children age 5 years and above, long sock/stockings/leggings are mandatory. Not wearing appropriate gear may result in injuries.

Small injuries may occur. All coaches carry safety kits with them for this purpose. Parents should understand that our activities are outdoor sports. We take utmost care for every child enrolled, but sometimes small nicks, bruises and scrapes do happen.

We conduct classes on various surfaces, football turfs, grounds, concrete patches, tiled flooring, natural grass, indoor halls, etc... For more details, get in touch with us, we will send a representative down for more details.

Yes we do. More details the branch you are enrolled with will share with you, once an event is been scheduled.

Yes we do, depending upon the sport and needs of the child. Please contact us via phone or email and discuss with a coordinator.
Mumbai : 9890682781 | Bangalore: 9535273622 | Email

Yes we do, we organise events, sports days, birthday parties, play dates etc., Please contact the branch coordinators, who will organise the same for you.
Mumbai : 9890682781 | Bangalore: 9535273622 | Email

Please contact the branch coordinators, who will organise a visit & trial for you.
Mumbai : 9890682781 | Bangalore: 9535273622 | Email

Please contact the branch coordinators with your locations.
Mumbai : 9890682781 | Bangalore: 9535273622 | Email

Please contact the branch coordinators or drop us an email
Mumbai : 9890682781 | Bangalore: 9535273622 | Email