Our sessions are the perfect introduction to the fun world of Football, Children are introduced to the basics of football in a play-oriented yet structured format, using child-friendly but realistic football equipment.

Each child is given the opportunity to work within their ability level but taught in a group environment. Classes also provide a fantastic opportunity for you to assist in your child’s early development, helping them develop physically as well as improving cognitive and social skills.

Our games are fast-paced and increasingly football focused, with fun still at the heart, meaning that even new starters easily catch up and enjoy the sport.

Key Features:

  • ➤ 2 Years Plus
  • ➤ 1-Hour session
  • ➤ Weekday and weekend batches available
  • ➤ Classes are conducted for both boys and girls.
  • ➤ Best coaches with lots of experience and dedication.
  • ➤ We maintain small groups of children (12 to 16) and provide individual attention.

Learning to Learn

The main focus of YOUNG GUNS SPORTS ACADEMY ® is what we call ‘learning to learn’. Our coaches are taught specific techniques that enable children to get the most out of our classes. We believe that play is one of the greatest development tools and when combined with repetition and structure, ensures effective learning. Classes involve a number of games that help children build confidence from a very young age. These highly interesting and fun games mean children as young as 2 years will be able to play independently of their parent or guardian.

Goal we have for our young Footballers

Young Guns Sports Academy ® teaches the fundamentals of football in a fun learning environment through a series of games using our tried and tested structure. Our coaching methods and approach is what makes us unique and a favorite among parents. We start from the tender age of 2 and invest skills and confidence into the children. Over the years they develop into great players bringing glory to their parents, schools and YGSA!