Our sessions are the perfect introduction to the fun world of Skating. Children are introduced to the basics of Skating, how to improve balance, coordination and motor functions. Our sessions are designed to adapt intelligent drills, formats and practices which makes children love the sport. We have healthy competition among the students which makes them confident and increase social mingling.

Key Features:

  • ➤ 4 plus Years
  • ➤ 1-Hour session.
  • ➤ Weekday and weekend batches available.
  • ➤ Classes are conducted for both boys and girls.
  • ➤ Best coaches with lots of experience and dedication.
  • ➤ We maintain small groups of children (12 to 16) and provide individual attention.

Learning to Learn

The main focus of YOUNG GUNS SPORTS ACADEMY ® is what we call ‘learning to learn’. Our coaches are taught specific techniques that enable children to get the most out of our classes. Helping build children's skating skills, such as balance, speed, concentration and team spirit. Every child is motivated to take part in all activities and we ensure they love the sessions. A great sport to help build strong physic in both girls and boys.